Welcome to Turbulent Skies

While the official project is over, I continue to paint storms based on photos taken by myself and other storm chaser photographers.

All my storm originals plus canvas & paper prints are available for purchase in the Store section of my main website EarthSkyArt.ca

I still have several of the original project pieces and new ones so if you’re a gallery and would like to host this show, send me a note through my contact page.

Foothills Magic 2019 based on a photo by Chris Ratzlaff
Wedding Storm 2019 based on a photo by Jay

Some images from the September 2018 project opening. 

Jay & Nevin at the opening September 15th 2018


Jay & Beth at the opening September 15th 2018


My work is inspired by the landscape, sky, water and ice of a place, and especially of my home, Alberta. Last fall, I attended ChaserConCanada, a weekend convention of storm chasers and photographers from across Canada. The photographs and video of severe weather over this weekend was a revelation to me. I realized my style could be refined to reflect actual weather formations, while still being true to my current explorations of abstract land and skyscapes. I also realized these storm chaser photographers are artists in their own right, creating stunning images of clouds, lightning and sometimes, tornadoes. Each chaser I’ve spoken with has said to me, “You must go on a chase to experience the true impact and raw power of a storm. It will change the way you look at the sky.”


Turbulent Skies is a collaborative art and photography project which I am leading along with 6 well known Alberta and Saskatchewan storm chasers. Bios for all participants are available from the menu above.

Carstairs Mesocyclone, 24×36 oil on canvas 2017
Screen capture of timelapse shot by project photographer Chris Ratzlaff



Above is a test piece and source photo for the project showing the concept. For more details check out the Project Details in the header menu.

There’s a brief overview in Tweet form here: https://storify.com/JayIsPainting/turbulent-skies-project-overview

Follow along as the project unfolds




You can also visit my personal site to view my art at https://www.EarthSkyArt.ca