Going Green

Yesterday I finished the second test piece for this project. (The first is on the home page)

Going Green 24x36" Oil on Canvas
Going Green 24×36″ Oil on Canvas

It’s based on a sketch I did during the keynote that Reed Timmer gave at Chaser Con Canada 2016 in October

I think this video

was one of the ones Reed showed which had me sketching, although there was so much awesome that day, it’s hard to know.

The thing the really caught my eye was the way the multiple vortices danced around each other. A beautiful, terrifying ballet.

Nevin suggested it might have been this

and I think at least some of that made it into the finished piece. There is a much better definition of the funnel.

The nice thing about painting these is that I can cheat interpret. 🙂

Regardless of the source, the following shows the process and sort of what the project is going to be like this summer. 

Now we just need some juicy storms.


  1. Jori Warren

    This is truly incredible, fantastic information and amazing video, and your painting Jay is a stunning visual interpretation of natures beauty. Wasn’t much interested in weather and storms but now I’ll be watching the sky with much more interest.

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