Season Done, Work Begins

Like all summer storm seasons, the end date for 2017 can only be found in hindsight. I think for Alberta, August 13 will be the day. I didn’t chase that day as I was in Spruce Grove at an Art Walk but Nevin & Jeff did. They caught some nice shots

As for me, my last chase was with Steve on July 27*. Since then, I’ve been in the studio working on the first 3 of 6 pieces.

The first I started was based on the Breton Tornado that Nevin and I chased on July 13.




Work in Progress as of August 18, 2017

The second piece is based on Chris’s photo from the July 23 Bowden, AB storm.

Work in Progress as of August 18, 2017

And the third piece is based on Beth’s July 23 Davey Lake, AB storm. I’ve only worked on this one day, hence the single photo.

Work in Progress as of August 18, 2017

As sad as I am about chase season being over, I’m pretty pleased to be painting these pieces. I think they have lots of potential and the initial feedback has been very positive. (as my next post will show)

*Unfortunately, I was unable to chase with Ryan this season do to my schedule, his schedule and storms doing what storms do. The one day he was chasing on a great storm in Alberta, July 9, I was tied up at the Whyte Ave. Art Walk. I always knew that this was a possibility and made a contingency plan for the project. I will be using a photo by Ryan from the July 9th chase. I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to actually be there, but I should/could have been..and I followed along on Twitter so it was sort of like I was 😉 Frankly, I’m pretty pleased I was able to get 5 out of 6 photos on chases I was on.


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