Fall Update

It’s been a busy fall even though chase season for me ended at the end of July. I’ve mostly been busy in the studio and I’ve now got all six pieces started.  All of them are still works in progress, although some are quite close. Here’s a look at the progress, ordered by when I started them (oldest first)

Based on a July 13 photo by Nevin


Based on a July 23 photo by Chris


Based on a July 23 photo by Beth


Based on a July 27 photo by Steve


Based on a June 26 photo by Jeff


Based on a Jul 9 photo by Ryan.

Aside from studio work, I was also pleased to be invited to show some of these works in progress at Beakerhead Science, Art & Engineering Festival in Calgary in mid September alongside the Prairie Storm Chasers. Chris is a member of PSC so I got to hang out with him and Braydon Morisseau for 3 days on Stephen Avenue. I live painted, chatted storms & art and tried to stay warm and dry on an unseasonably cool couple of days. Despite the weather, we had fun and the feedback I got on the project was great.

Braydon (blue jacket) with his Predator 2 chase vehicle


Chris (black jacket mid shot) with his miniTor chase vehicle


MiniTor playing timelapse video shot by Chris during the July 23 chase which is the basis for the piece in the background left.


Me, trying to paint in 8c and 35kmh winds


I was sadly unable to attend Chaser Con Canada this year, but I had a previous commitment. For some reason, my son wouldn’t change the date. 🙂

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