An Amazing Opening

Saturday, September 15th was about as not summer stormy as possible. Heavy wet snow, cold rain..yuck. But I couldn’t have asked for a better opening day for my 2 week run at Udell Xhibitions. The Udell was the ideal location for my show. Lots of space to step back and see the large pieces and they were lit wonderfully. In addition to the 6 project pieces, we also hung about a dozen other pieces that range from 2015 to 2018.

The day started with an interview on CBC’s Daybreak Alberta with host Russell Bowers which turns out to have created a huge spike in visits to this website and some visits to the opening.

Between 2 and 5 there were probably close to 100 people that came through the gallery.

Jay & Nevin

On Friday, even before the show opened, I found out that someone had placed a blue dot (on hold) on the piece that was based on Beth’s photo. By 2:30 Saturday, that was upgraded to a red one (SOLD!)

Jay & Beth

The gallery was busy right up until closing.

The day ended up with 2 pieces sold (a project one and 2016 piece) and 4 others (2 project, 2 older) on hold, including one with a double hold! (2 people want it)

And there are still 2 week left. What a thing.

Thank you to everyone who came out.


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