Chris Ratzlaff

Father of two and software development manager by day, Chris Ratzlaff chooses to fill in all that spare time (snicker) by chasing and photographing the amazing sights offered by the Canadian Prairies, whether that’s a beautiful supercell strolling across the Prairies, stunning Aurora dancing overhead or capturing the fascinating things that happen when the air gets blisteringly cold. In the free time after that, he has a passion for bringing together like-minded individuals.

Chris has always been fascinated by the sky and snapping photos of it, but it’s really in the last few years that he discovered a passion for catching and photographing the elusive sights offered by powerful storms and vibrant aurora that many never have much opportunity to witness. This passion is built upon a love for learning about the causes of these event, which helps to predict (with wildly varying accuracy, and often lack-thereof) when and where they can be caught. As a member of many aurora and storm chasing communities, Chris always seeking to learn from others, share what he’s learned and make new friends with similar passions in the process.


Twitter: @ratzlaff

YouTube: Chris Ratzlaff Photography