Purchase Enquiries

I have received numerous enquiries about purchasing originals and prints from this project.

Original Paintings

  • Size: 111x152cm (44×60″)
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Price: TBA

The 6 original pieces first have to be completed 🙂 which will take a good portion of the fall of 2017. My target date to have them complete is December but that may change. Once the originals are complete, we plan to raise a show featuring the 6 paintings and the 6 photos that inspired them. Ideally, we would like the show to visit Edmonton, Calgary and possibly Red Deer.  This could mean up to 3 months of exhibit time, but may be longer based on actual scheduling of these shows.

Project Photos

  • Size: TBA
  • Medium: TBA
  • Price: TBA

Each of the project photos will be blown up to a size yet to be determined for exhibition. We are still deciding the appropriate size and material (photo paper, giclees etc) and whether they will be framed. Sale proceeds of the photos go directly to the photographer. The photo that is featured in the exhibit will be identified as the sole reproduction that is part of the project. Additional prints may be offered by the photographer but these will not be identified as part of the project.


  • Size: Various
  • Medium: Canvas Giclee, Paper
  • Price: Based on size & medium

Reproductions of the project paintings will become available once the pieces are complete and are cured enough for scanning. Canvas giclee prints will be available in custom sizes up to and including the full size. Paper prints will be available in 2 or 3 fixed sizes.

Project Book

We will be making a limited edition project book with the finished paintings, photos and behind the scenes photos and details on the chases. This will be available sometime in early 2018.

Sale Preference

The entire purpose of the project is to show the collaboration between photographer and chaser as well as to show the “dialog” between the painting and the photo on which it is based. Preference will be given to buyers who wish to purchase the pair.

More information

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